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  Magical. Memorable. Magnificent.  


Full Service Social Hour & Pop Up Events

It's time to party! 

We encourage you to indulge in your creative selves by allowing us to create a specialty crafty workshop, for your next celebration, customer tailored to fit your needs.  Whether it be a birthday party, special milestone to be celebrated or just plain old creative time for yourself and/or your little ones, let's talk about your ideas....we create workshops for any occasion.

If you would like to attend one of our pop up events on Maui or Oahu, our Shop&Events page provides you with all of the details of our upcoming workshops.  


Here at Mini Maven Social, we are:

Party Stylists.Creative Thinkers.Confetti Throwers.

Crafty Mavens. Gatherers of Inspiration.Memory Makers.



Aloha! It is so nice to meet you.  Welcome to Mini Maven Social...A dream that begin many years ago, in our home state of Colorado.  It has since traveled across the ocean with me to Maui and manifested itself into this wonderfully exciting opportunity to provide you with seriously fun and memorable moments created just for your little ones.  I am an interior designer, party stylist, mama to a magical little girl, wife to an ever supportive and wonderful husband, serial crafter and lover of all things colorful.  

Mini Maven Social is a true labor of love.  Our crafty workshops always encourage you to indulge in your create self.  Because I feel very strongly that allowing ourselves to be creative flows into so many other aspects of our lives, even if you don't find yourself to be a creative person.  Our workshops are fun, inspiring and accessible for all levels of creative expression.  I'm always on the look out for how I can make something a little bit extra for you, by adding special detailing and pouring a lot of heart into it.  

When you contact Mini Maven Social to discuss your ideas, it will be you and I who sit down together to discuss all of the design and details.  I will be part of the process every step of the way.  

I can't wait to create something special for your next social event...Let's party!! xx Tara